Summer Essentials!

This summer will be not one that I am used to.  I recently moved to Durham, NC and it is gonna be HOT and BUGGY!  Though I am excited to see what this weather has to offer, I do not want to be underprepared!  It is important that I stay as itch free as possible!

My Favorite Bug Spray is All Terrain Natural Herbal Armor Insect Repellent.  It is all natural and filled with essential oils to prevent any bugs from getting too close.  AND IT WORKS!!  I was a skeptic till I got confirmation after confirmation that it works.  So I decided to give it a go.  I took it to Idaho last summer.  When everyone else was using DEET sprays, I stuck with my natural repellent.  It worked, I was happy to be bug and chemical free!!  And when I did not use it, well, I got bitten.  So I keep it close by and reapply every few hours and I am a happy bug free lady!


It comes in a 4oz or 2oz bottle, which is great if you are flying.  Also available in a lotion and Kid Friendly substitute as well!

Purchase here:

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