Keeping You Healthy Through the Seasons



Emma practices Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Master Tung’s Acupuncture, Balance Theory, Scalp and Auricular Acupuncture and the NADA protocol. I may use a combination of these acupuncture styles depending on my patient’s needs.


A healing technique using a light touch healing practice which brings the body back into physiologicial and energetic balance. It is a needle free method to relieve pain.  Working with the channel system, the practioner is able to release pain from the body.


A hands on massage technique that fades age and gives your face a refreshed, youthful look.  By bringing energy into the face, wrinkles will start to disappear and your face will look vibrant and young. Includes massage on shoulders, neck, head and face with the use of essential oils.


A form of acupuncture where small electric currents are passed between pairs of acupuncture needles through a device that generates continuous electric pulses. Electroacupuncture is very effective in treating muscle pain and neurological disorders.


Moxabustion (also known as Moxa) is a small spongy herb made out of the Mugwort plant. Moxa boosts the immune system which creates a cascade of profound healing effects. These effects include significant increase in red and white blood cell production and increased activity of the adrenal glands and many other biochemical reactions that assist the body in healing. Moxa treats fatigue, emotional disorders, pain, digestive conditions, gynecological conditions and much more.


Chinese medical massage which uses various techniques to stimulate acupressure points and meridians. It regulates the qi (vital energy) and blood flow in the body. Tui Na treats muscle pain, digestive conditions, low energy and symptoms related to stress or emotional problems.


An ancient therapy that uses glass cups to create suction on the skin in order to stimulates the flow of qi and blood in the body. Cupping treats coughs, asthma, common cold symptoms, muscle pain, stress, tension and high blood pressure.


A healing technique where you rub the skin repeated with a flat tool. The friction releases toxins and moves stagnant blood in the body. Gua Sha treats muscle aches and pains, respiratory conditions, including cough, cold and flu.


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