8 Ways to Eat Smarter this Summer

Summer is here!  You may find yourself having a great time at the beach, barbeques or fun poolside events!  Though these fun activities are important to de-stress ourselves, we also want to be aware of what we eat so our health problems do not come raging back once Summer is over. If you’re not sure where to … Continue reading 8 Ways to Eat Smarter this Summer

Herbal Fridays: Watermelon aka Xi Gua

Today is August 3rd, also known as National Watermelon Day!  I felt it is only appropriate to make todays herb the watermelon.  It is the perfect summer fruit! In TCM it is known to quell summerheat.  What is summerheat?  It is one of the pathogens that attacks the body in the summer time.  Symptoms are … Continue reading Herbal Fridays: Watermelon aka Xi Gua

Summer is Here!

Summer has arrived!  In Chinese Medicine, the summer season corresponds with the Fire element in Chinese Medicine.  Fire is the most yang element, the most active and outward enegery.  During this time, the temperature outside rises as does ours.  But the heat does not mean you should stay inside!  Instead, go out and get that Vitamin D! … Continue reading Summer is Here!

Herbal Friday: Bo He aka Mint

It’s Herbal Friday again! And it is also the last Friday of spring! Into a new season we go. It has been really lovely being in Durham this spring. My favorite part is seeing all the flower pop up in the trees everywhere. The Mimosa Flowers are exceptionally beautiful! They are hot pink dainty things. … Continue reading Herbal Friday: Bo He aka Mint

Summer Essentials!

This summer will be not one that I am used to.  I recently moved to Durham, NC and it is gonna be HOT and BUGGY!  Though I am excited to see what this weather has to offer, I do not want to be underprepared!  It is important that I stay as itch free as possible! … Continue reading Summer Essentials!